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Beyond the Tiger Mom: East-West Parenting for the Global Age

Hardcover - English

By Thiagarajan, Maya        

ISBN: 0804846022

EAN: 9780804846028

Publisher: TUTTLE PUB

Publication Date: 23/02/2016

Pages: 224

Age Group: NA to NA

Grades: Not Applicable to Not Applicable

Lexile Level: 0


"Beyond the Tiger Mom is a brilliant book--hard-hitting and brutally honest but also balanced, insightful, and funny." --Amy Chua, author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom

Dispel the hype and myths about Asian parenting and uncover the practical with this effective parenting guide.

  • Help your child achieve maximum academic potential
  • Train your child to expand his or her attention span
  • Find the right balance between work and play
  • Help your child see failure as a learning experience
  • Learn how to raise tech-healthy kids
How do Asian parents prime their children for success from a young age? Why do Asian kids do so well in math and science? What is the difference between an Asian upbringing and a Western one? Why do some Asian mothers see themselves as "tiger moms" while others shun the label? How do Asian parents deal with their children's failures? Is it sometimes good for children to fail?

These are just a few of the compelling questions posed and answered in this fascinating new parenting book by educator Maya Thiagarajan as she examines the stereotypes and goes beneath the surface to explore what really happens in Asian households. How do Asian parents think about childhood, family and education--and what can Western parents learn from them?

Through interviews with hundreds of Asian parents and kids, Thiagarajan offers a detailed look at their values, hopes, fears and parenting styles. Woven into this narrative are her own reflections on teaching and parenting in Asia and the West. Thiagarajan synthesizes an extensive body of research to provide accessible and practical guidelines for parents. Each chapter ends with a "How To" section of specific tips for Asian and Western parents to aid their child's educational development both inside and outside the classroom.