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Naturally Sweet: Bake All Your Favorites with 30% to 50% Less Sugar
Paperback - English

In this timely, unique cookbook, America's Test Kitchen tackles the monumental challenge of creating foolproof, great-tasting baked goods that contain less sugar and rely only on natural alternatives to white sugar.
Whitesugarisoneofthemostwidelydemonizedhealththreatsoutthere, even morethanfat, andconsumersareincreasinglyinterestedindecreasingtheamount ofsugartheyuseandalsoinusingless-processednaturalsweeteners.But decreasingorchangingthesugarinarecipecanhavedisastrousresults: Baked goodsturnoutdry, dense, anddownrightinedible.Weaddresstheseissues head-onwith120foolproof, great-tastingrecipesforcookies, cakes, piesand morethatreducetheoverallsugarcontentbyatleast30%andrelysolelyonmore naturalalternativestowhitesugar."

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America's Test Kitchen
America's Test Kitchen is a real place: a no-nonsense, fully equipped test kitchen located just outside Boston, MA, where a team of highly qualified test cooks and editors perform thousands of tests every year. The goal? To develop the best recipes and cooking techniques, recommend the best cookware and equipment, and rate brand-name pantry staples for home cooks. America's Test Kitchen is devoted to a collegial approach to cooking?teams of editors, writers, and cooks engage in side-by-side comparisons, blind taste tests, and rigorous equipment performance tests to determine which pans work an

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