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House of Lies
Paperback - English

'Ooooh how I absolutely loved this book!!... I devoured this book in one sitting!!... I cannot recommend this book enough!!' NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars

In a time of war, nowhere is safe...

While World War Two rages, Cat Carlisle runs a women's refuge to protect beaten wives. But when one of the women is found dead in the woods behind the house, Cat's world shatters.

Was the killer a violent husband seeking revenge? A secret lover? Or is something more dangerous at play? Because Cat and her fiancé Thomas have a secret: they're hiding a precious golden chalice, keeping it locked safely away from the plundering Nazis until the war is over. But someone wants that treasure, and no one will be safe until they get it...

Readers LOVE House of Lies!

'Gripping and enthralling... Just when you think everything is resolved, you let your guard down, and think it might coast towards a happy ending... oh no, we're off again, and it's quite wonderfully done... I thoroughly enjoyed it... Wonderful.' NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars

'Wow, what an intense and great historical cozy mystery!... The setting and cast is amazing, I loved the entire atmosphere... If you love a good historic cozy mystery, you have to check this one out. You won't be disappointed.' NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars

'I really enjoyed this one! Fantastic!... Such an amazing read!' NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars

'I was gripped from page one... I found myself immersed... An atmospheric read which I really enjoyed... I definitely recommend it.' NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars

'An entertaining and engrossing read, highly recommended.' NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars

'A suspenseful, compelling plot that kept me up late reading... By far my favorite historical fiction series. I highly recommend it.' NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars

'Brilliant book... Brilliant author.' NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars

'One of my favorite historical fiction mystery series.' NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars

'I loved this book... Fast-paced and gripping.' NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars

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