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Uprooted and Thriving: One Man's Journey From Afghanistan to Becoming a Canadian
By Emam, Bari        
Hardcover - English

If you knew where I come from and what I have been through, you would understand who I am. If we focus on the human connection, our lives will be enriched. If we understand the struggles of others, it might humble us and give us a different perspective. Unless we hear someone else's story, how can we ever get a different perspective? It is through these stories that we gain a sense of appreciation about what type of people we share the world with. From growing up in a war zone to almost spending two decades of my life as a police officer in Canada, I have a unique and extraordinary view into human lives. Differences between people in various parts of the world are often highlighted. Yet, I believe that despite all the perceived differences it is our commonality that is the key to understanding each other. No matter what part of the world we call home, human struggle is part of life everywhere. Despite the struggles in our lives, it is our attitudes that determine our destiny. Rare acts of violence around the world create fear and promote the illusion that our way of life is constantly under threat. Amplifying and embracing the core values of humanity, such as compassion, kindness, understanding, and self-responsibility, will paint a more complete picture of what is happening in our world. As a child, I witnessed the destruction of my birthplace. Almost thirty years have gone by and Afghanistan is still not peaceful. Despite all that goes on in our minds, immigrants try to live a normal life, maintain a positive outlook, and remain hopeful that the next generations will experience less turmoil.

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