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My Incredible Life's Journey: Yes, You Also Can Make One
Paperback - English

This book contains the memoirs of an individual who originated from one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean and rose to the top of her chosen profession, while serving God and her neighbors in more than 17 countries and leaving a legacy of professionals, priests and other leaders who are committed to the service of others with joyful and happy hearts.

The book outlines her journey, starting with a showing of gratitude to her parents, siblings, extended family, church, village community and schools. These she identifies as the providers of the foundation that prepared her to face the world, with the challenges that she had to face and overcome in order to grow and succeed. Significant incidents, challenges, encounters and lessons learnt are articulated. Some life experiences are highlighted insofar as they help project her personality; for example, her propensity to smile in all circumstances and her belief in the benefits and value of a smile; her way of dealing with racist encounters; her love of dancing, visiting friends, going to the beach; her love of travel that took her to more than 20 countries on vacation or pilgrimages, and the benefits she derived from these.

Most importantly, however, the book highlights her encounter with Christ and the impact that this continues to have on her life. It is manifested in terms of her commitment to the service to the poor, the sick, needy, prisoners, widows and orphans. Chapter 7, the chapter on entitled legacy, reflects some of this impact. Her commitment to the greater good is reflected in the blessings and opportunities provided to her whenever she was at a crossroad and relied on the Lord for direction. Incidences of these are spread throughout the book. Opportunities to serve in Ghana as an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, a member of the Archdiocesan Justice and Peace Commission, chairman of an Outstation Committee, an election observer, Mother of the Year, and to be able to spearhead the construction and initiation of a daycare centre for the aged, all happened because she was able to say yes and move by faith. However, that faith had to be strengthened and her ego had to be pruned. She believes that anyone who is willing to humble themselves and see every failure as an opportunity to grow can achieve what she has and more. Yes you can.

At age 85, she sees herself as still being a work in process. This book outlines some of the teachings and insights that she gained along the way that she believes can be of help to others in their growth and journey towards self-fulfilment

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