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Lessons of the Broadsword Masters
Paperback - English

The most comprehensive book ever written on the art of fencing with the basket-hilted Highland broadsword, including every major technique and concept from broadsword and backsword masters Donald McBane (1728), Thomas Page (1746), Andrew Lonnergan (1771), Captain G. Sinclair (1790), Archibald MacGregor (1791), Henry Angelo (1799), John Taylor (1804), and Thomas Mathewson (1805). Includes: Fundamental Skills Plain Playing Timing Slipping the Leg Slipping the Body Double Attacks The Feint The Invitation Actions on the Blade Disarms Counter-Disarms Set Play Loose Play The Grounds of the Sword Traversing Footwork Double Weapons (sword and targe, sword and buckler, sword and dagger, etc.) The style of the stage gladiators The style of the Highland Regiments The training curriculum of the Cateran Society The history of broadsword and backsword fencing Nearly 500 separate training exercises

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About Author

Thompson, Christopher Scott
Christopher Thompson is the author of "Lannaireachd: Gaelic Swordsmanship", a training manual on the use of the Highland broadsword. A resident of Portland, Maine, Thompson is the president of the Cateran Society, a national organization that promotes historical fencing with Highland weapons.

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