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The New World Spanish-English, English-Spanish Dictionary: Completely Revised Second Edition
Mass Market Paperbound - Spanish

This updated dictionary is the perfect tool for students, teachers, business people, or anyone wanting to write, speak or understand Spanish. With clear translations and 3,000 more definitions than previous editions, this is the best value on the market. ...The completely revised, second edition of the largest mass market Spanish/English, English/Spanish dictionary available--with over 3 million copies in print

The most up-to-date, most detailed dictionary of its kind with over 3,000 new words, phrases, and meanings and more than 70,000 entries. Ideal for Students and travelers.

- Up-to-date vocabulary, including idiomatic phrases, expressions, and slang
- Selective labeling to show nuances of meanings in different contexts in Spanish and Latin American usage
- Full pronunciations in International Phonetic Alphabet
- Summaries of Spanish and English grammar
- Extensive tables and lists of model verbs, prefixes and suffixes, and georgraphic names and their derivatives

El diccionario m s corriente, m s detallado de su categor a. M s de 3.000 palabras, frases y significados nuevos. M s de 70.000 art culos. Ideal para Estudiantes y Viajeros

- Vocabulario corriente, adem s de frases, modismos y expresiones familiares
- Signos clasificantes de significaci n que distinguen matices de sentido en varios contextos del uso espa ol e hispanoamericano
- Pronunciaciones completas en el Alfabeto Fon tico Internacional
- Res menes de gram tica espa ola e inglesa
- Amplias tablas y listas de berbos modelos, prefijos y sufijos, nombres geogr ficos y sus derivados

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17.53cm x 10.41cm x 5.59cm
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18 and above
College Freshman to UP
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