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High Risk: Children Without a Conscience
By Magid, Ken        
Paperback - English

The authors explore the reasons why children without a conscience are growing in number. They are at risk of becoming "trust bandits", con-men, liars, dance-away lovers, backstabbers of the business world, and even psychopathic killers. ...IS YOUR CHILD AT HIGH RISK?

Who are these children without a conscience? They are children who cannot trust, children who cannot love, children who will not be loved. They grow up to be charmers, con artists, amoral entrepreneurs, thieves, drug users, pathological liars, and worst of all: psychopathic killers . . . and they are often the product of even the best-intentioned families.

For every parent of a "difficult" child, working parents, single parents, and adoptive parents, here is a book that addresses one of our society's greatest problems. High Risk offers sobering case histories an invaluable suggestions for raising healthy children and protecting ourselves from the "trust bandits" who would steal our love, our money--our very lives. In High Risk you will learn how to:

- Recognize character-disturbed children and adults
- Prevent the development of antisocial behavior
- Choose healthy child-care and school environments
- Find the best professional help if your child is at risk
- Minimize the trauma of adoption and foster care
- Protect yourself from exploitative relationships in both your business and personal life
- And much more.

Foreword by Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder

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