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The Seven Church Writings: A Historical Interpretation
Hardcover - English

Gene Roberts is a passionate student of God's word with a unique interest for the book of the Apocalypse. The Apocalypse reveals God's master plan. The Father sent his son Jesus into this world to save his followers from eternal separation from the triune God after death. Jesus accomplished this task by living a sinless life, dying a crucified death on a cross, conquering death by being resurrected on the third day and later ascending to heaven as the risen Christ. Now in the highest heaven he has been given all authority by the Father reigning in the priestly persona of the Lamb as the head of the church. One day he will return to reign on the earth as king.

The Seven Church Writings: A Historical Interpretation is an exhaustive historical and exegetical evaluation of the church writings of Revelation 1:10-3:21. This work seeks to understand why the risen Christ directed John to write to seven Asia Minor churches. What is unique about them? Is it their location or the relationship to each other that reveals his purpose? How does their selection correlate to human prophecy? Do they represent early church history or the history of the church age? The Great Commission calls for the church to disciple the nations. The application of history to the church age and two previous fallen ages evaluates whether God's religious institution accomplishes this goal while simultaneously providing a fascinating peek into the concept of 'history repeating itself'.

This first work of the Apocalypse Series produced by Refinement Ministries is designed to begin a systematic approach of the Apocalypse. The entire Bible points the believer towards eternal life with God. The Apocalypse is a literary masterpiece that reveals some of the various interactions within the spiritual realm and earth. Gene combines his theological and quantitative acumen to probe deep into the meaning of the text leaving no stone unturned. This work is transparent in its investigation of the meaning of the Apocalypse with its only allegiance to the understanding the word of God. If you desire to understand the plight of the church as this age ends or your destiny after death this book will provide you with a solid resource to assist in your journey.

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