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Through My Mommy's Bellybutton
Paperback - English

Through My Mommy's Bellybutton is a story written from the point of view of the unborn baby. It is a beautiful story, which is delightfully illustrated. As Miraculous as Birth Is, the Magic of a Baby Growing Inside the Belly Not Only Captures Moms-to-Be but Curious Children Everywhere New Member Coming to Your Family? We know expectant mothers want to share the excitement of the arrival of the new baby with the family; but your toddler, preschooler, or even early elementary age children aren't always as excited about this blessed event. You want to squelch sibling rivalry before it rears its ugly head. Instead, you'd like to bond your young child(ren) with your unborn child. What better way to do that than by sharing Through My Mommy's Bellybutton with your child(ren). What Can Your Child(ren) Learn from Through My Mommy's Bellybutton? - How to Create Opportunities for Your Children to Imagine; . How to Problem Solve; - How to Help Young Children Understand Where They Were Before They Were Born; - Allows You to Set the Stage for the Exciting Arrival of a New Child in the Family; - Helps Young Children Anticipate the Arrival of a New Brother or Sister; - Gives You the Opportunity to Read with Your Children and Take the Story to a Higher Level; and - Offers Parents a Way to Diffuse Sibling Rivalry and Encourage Family Bonding. Book Reviews from our Readers - "Did I ride in a bumper car when I was in your belly?" asks Sarah C, age 5, of Franklin, MA. "Was there really a toy box in there or is that just pretend?" "Helen's book captivated the minds of both my boys, ages 2 and 4, with her fun take on what it is like to grow inside a belly. They asked me to read the book over and over again. When we were done reading, they had fun imagining what kind of adventures they had in my belly," explains Erica of Plainville, MA. We will donate a percentage of every book sale to a children's charity.

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