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Color My Credit: Mastering Your Credit Report - And Score - One Crayon at a Time: Create YOUR Financial Legacy NOW
Paperback - English

Personal finance, money management, business & economics, credit reports, FICO scores, the cost of credit... each impacts our lifestyle and financial decisions, yet far too few Americans are aware of little-known secrets to our credit scoring system. Even fewer adults know it is easier than they imagine to effectively re-build credit, quickly and without a lot of pain-with the right help. Expert Alisa Glutz has a proven method to "color" credit; she is passionate to create a movement where people everywhere can take advantage of a fun, but effective approach, to repair bad credit that stems from life events such as identity theft, bankruptcies, personal financial upsets, and myriad unknowns that negatively impact vital financial opportunities. If you have ever wondered any of those things, then don't worry; you have come to the right place. Color My Credit will answer all your questions-and even some you don't know to ask Her new release, Color My Credit, is designed to enlighten readers; compiled with tips, insider secrets, and advice and action steps to help you repair your credit quickly and easily. It is the ultimate guide for readers drowning in the despair of bad credit. It is designed to remove the guilt and trauma associated with limited choices based on low credit scores, and transform your life forever.Glutz helps you make course corrections in spending, credit errors, debt ratios, etc.-all of which can ultimately help you save thousands of dollars in interest paid, interest rates, and myriad other financial choices that are all predicated by your credit score.Awareness equals choices. The information in Color My Credit is timely; we are coming out of a long seven-year stretch where people had little opportunity to modify their damaged scores. The author is bold in her assertions of what can happen next for you, if you but step into the arena, learn the credit laws that both protect and impact you, and take advantage of the changing tides that are occurring now. In addition to the print version of the book, readers are encouraged to download a complimentary workbook that includes sample credit reports, forms, templates, letter samples, and other helpful tools to participate in this great Color My Credit Movement This book is for you... if you have mediocre to downright bad credit-or, like many consumers-have no idea what is on your credit report because you are too afraid to look. It is for you if you want to better manage your credit to take advantage of better employment, reduced insurance costs, better pricing on banking and mortgage loans and more.This book is for you... if you have only an inkling of how the role credit plays in your financial life. Improved credit scores can open the doors for the best of everything financial. Color My Credit helps you put together and action plan not only for boosting your credit score, but learning exactly what steps are necessary to maintain it. The author answers many critical questions, such as how to request credit reports from the three nationwide reporting agencies, understanding why your score is low, and how to quickly recolor your credit score (FICO) picture ADVANCE PRAISECredit... A subject we all know is important, but let's face it, how many of us actually want to know about and /or take the time to improve our credit score? Color My Credit by Alisa Glutz, lets us know that it can be done, one just needs to begin, take things step by step as outlined in her book and big things can and will happen. Whether it just be making a marked improvement in one's score all the way up to buying that dream home. The relationship of credit to one's overall, ongoing financial plan is so important. What's comforting is knowing that there is someone like Alisa that has the unique combination of knowledge, know-how, and desire to help others.Matthew C. MunnRegistered Investment AdvisorFirst Financial Equity Corporation

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