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Firework Displays, Explosive Entertainment: A Guide to Getting the Most from Your Firework Display for Designers, Firers and Event Organisers
Hardcover - English

HARDCOVER WITH BLACK AND WHITE PICTURES - Contents - This new book, with over 180 illustrations and over 50 tables of data, is designed for firework display firers, designers and organisers of outdoor events. From the enthusiastic amateur firer who wants to get the most from the legally available fireworks, all the way up to the seasoned professional, this book will benefit those needing more information about the ways professionals plan and use fireworks to the greatest effect. - Dr. Smith's book covers the areas of: - Ancient and modern history of firework displays - Types of fireworks - Firework effects - Types of displays most commonly used today - Newly created diagrams of firework types and effects, from both an aesthetic and safety point of view. - Specific sections on: - Display safety - Risk assessment - Fallout issues - Planning and rigging of the display site - Research on mortar rack safety - Display design - Choosing the appropriate fireworks - Colour theory - Electric firing - Synchronisation of fireworks to music - Design philosophies - Legal issues - International standards - Environmental effects of fireworks - Case studies of displays, large and small - Future developments in fireworks and displays - What happens when things do not go to plan - Dr. Tom Smith, a well-known and influential figure with over 20 years experience in the firework industry, has created an essential guide to the exciting world of fireworks and firework displays. He has been a consultant to the Athens Olympics, the Melbourne Commonwealth Games, the London Millennium and New Year's Eve displays. - Other contributors include: - Darryl Fleming - Kimbolton Fireworks - Chris Pearce and Andy Wiggins - Jubilee Fireworks - Rodney Clarke - FireOne - Martin Smith - Coordinator of the largest November 5th celebrations in the UK - Jim Donald - London New Year's Eve displays - Andrew Walsh London New Year's Eve displays November 5th celebrations in the UK - Murray Torrible - Precision Broking, insuring the world's largest display companies

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