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Aventuras En 5 Minutos de la Biblia Aventura
Hardcover - Spanish

Aventuras en 5 minutos de la Biblia Aventura es un maravilloso libro infantil que contiene adaptaciones (historias cortas) del Antiguo Testamento y el Nuevo Testamento. Cada página sorprende con sus coloridas y cálidas ilustraciones que invitan a imaginar los personajes y escenarios de la lectura, volviendo la experiencia más divertida. Es un libro sumamente práctico que contiene más de 30 historias que los niños disfrutarán. Es ideal para leerlo a niños pequeños, niños que están comenzando a leer, y niños que tienen problemas para enfocarse por mucho tiempo en una lectura. Incluye:

  • Ilustraciones coloridas y explícitas de la lectura en cada página.
  • Lecturas concretas, rápidas de leer pero con un gran mensaje.
  • Palabras para atesorar resaltadas.
  • Versículos Bíblicos.
  • Hallazgos aventureros: datos interesantes que ayudan a comprender la lectura.

5-Minute Adventure Bible Stories

5-Minute Adventure Bible Stories is a wonderful children's book that contains adaptations (short stories) of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Each page amazes with its colorful and warm illustrations that take you to imagine the characters and settings of the stories, making the experience more entertaining. It is an extremely practical book that contains more than 30 stories that children will enjoy. It is ideal for reading to young children, children who are just beginning to read, and children who have trouble focusing for a long time on a reading. It includes:

  • Colorful and explicit illustrations of the reading on each page.
  • Concrete stories, quick to read but with a great message.
  • Words to treasure highlighted.
  • Bible Verses.
  • Adventurous findings: interesting facts that help understand the reading.

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Publication Date
27.43cm x 20.57cm x 2.29cm
Age Group
4 to 8
Preschool to 3rd Grade
Lexile Level
About Author

Madsen, Jim
Jim Madsen has been illustrating for the past 15 years. He has worked on more than 50 books including the recently updated NIV Adventure Bible and the NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers. Jim lives in Utah with his wife and three children. He enjoys the outdoors, golf, and riding Harley Davidson motorcycles.

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