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Tan Your Hide!: Home Tanning Leathers & Furs
Paperback - English

Make your own handcrafted leather vests, hats, belts, and wallets This in-depth guide shows you everything you need to know to successfully tan and work with furs and leathers. With practical advice on selecting appropriate hides, tanning tools, chemicals, and making your own dyes, Phyllis Hobson also provides an overview of basic leatherworking techniques and easy-to-follow patterns for a variety of fun projects. Discover how easy, enjoyable, and cost-effective it is to craft your own beautifully unique and durable leather products....Fur hats and mittens. Leather vests. Belts. Knife sheaths. Wallets. These are just a few of the things that you can make by home tanning and hand-working your own furs and leathers.

In Tan Your Hide!, Phyllis Hobson explains just what you need to tan your own leather and fur, and all the steps involved in doing it right. The end result is a handsome and durable homemade article that will last for many years.

The cost? Very little -- mainly your own labor and a few simple tools. And once you have tanned your furs and leathers, Steve Edwards explains how to make basic leather and fur products, with patterns that you can follow for certain success.

The authors tell:

* what tools and chemicals you'll need

* how to select the hide

* the steps for tanning leather and fur

* how to test for tanning

* old-time Indian tanning methods

* how to make your own dyes

* what qualities of leather to look for

* which tools you need for leatherworking

* basic leatherworking techniques

* where to find tools and supplies

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About Author

Hobson, Phyllis
Phyllis Hobson is the author of "Making and Using Dried Foods, Raising a Calf for Beef, "and "Tan your Hide!"

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