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Horse Spirits Speak: On Love, Presence, and Harmony in a Chaotic World
By Pike, Kathy        
Paperback - English

Chaos. Stress. Disconnection. Almost everyone feels one or all of these symptoms in our high-paced age. No wonder that when we see a field with horses grazing in peace, we have such a strong visceral experience. Our heart rate slows down and we long for the same sense of harmony. Horse Spirits Speak: On Love, Presence, and Being Confident in a Chaotic World offers readers the opportunity to know that no matter what is happening in the world, they can access the same presence as horses do in their natural state.

Horse Spirits Speak: On Love, Presence, and Harmony in a Chaotic World offers readers a framework to embody the horse's innate sense of harmony--in an instant. Horse Spirits Speak: On Love, Presence, and Being Confident in a Chaotic World, provides a concept similar to Conversations with God. The author has conversations with horses in spirit form and their ancient and unique wisdom allows for a journey of self-discovery through deepening a sense of one's authentic self and approaching life from another point of view.

Wisdom imparted straight from the horse's mouth calms the reader, helps him or her to simplify their point of view, and find their way back to their authentic self. The book illuminates our world as seen from the way the horse navigates the challenges of its existence and offers inspirational advice to readers on how to canter joyfully through their lives.

The teachings and stories in the book shift the reader to a more positive state and reconnects them spiritually with nature and the wisdom of horses. The further we get from experiencing the natural rhythm of nature, the greater our need for this reconnection. We all need this now more than ever. And rather than reach for a pill or a drink or other palliative actions, the reader is easily brought to a place of real connection and inner harmony. As a bonus, much of the information shared in this book is now backed up by recent studies in Quantum Mechanics.

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