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The Essential I Ching: 64 Degrees of Nature's Wisdom
By Hohne, Kari        
Paperback - English

This is the book behind the internet's top ranked online I Ching oracle. The I Ching is the oldest work of literature and while it has been used for centuries as an oracle, it is also a profound work of ancient Chinese philosophy. The Taoist philosophers observed nature as a teacher and this compilation of the I Ching is especially rich in examining how nature can teach us about the human journey. By examining all possible ancient and modern interpretations The Essential I Ching offers the most comprehensive I Ching translation. All interpretations include quotes from the ancient masters of Chinese philosophy who refer to the transformative power of nature which originally inspired the Book of Changes. Each line interpretation includes reference on the hexagram that would have been created by the line change for added insight. Additionally, each hexagram describes the Hu Gua (secondary influence at play) the Zong Gua (opposite influence-what not to do) and even a quick reference to what the hexagram means when received as the changing (2nd) hexagram. There is perhaps no other compilation of the I Ching that can compare to the research that has gone into preparing this text. Referencing quotes from ancient Chinese philosophy, the interpretations are made meaningful and relevant to modern times. You can also receive a free online I Ching reading at

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