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Sozo Keys- Science of Music: Deciphering CODING through The Ancient Music System
Paperback - English

Imagine a world where your child can read sheet music...

Imagine how much more your child will learn in school when they are able to play music!

Code is the language of the future and knowing how to read code will be essential for jobs of the future. Sozo Keys is a unique approach to teaching kids how to read sheet music and code, while also improving their reading, math, memory, and motor skills.

Pop Academy of Music, Art and Development has developed a system for learning how to play music. It is based on the Ancient Akkadian teachings. This system was discovered by Tashlultum Levy in the ancient cuneiform text. It focuses on creating a language that you can use in writing music, so even if you've never played an instrument, you can start writing down your songs in no time.

We know it sounds too good to be accurate, but that's what Pythagoras did not go far enough with. He came up with the 12-tone system that we still use today. But the ancient people brought us so much more than that! What they had was a way of teaching music in a way that anyone could learn-regardless of how much musical experience they had.

This Piano book contains only sheet music written in our Sozo Keys system, which also represents the African zodiac signs and your frequencies, so you can begin to understand ancient Cuneiform writings as well. When you learn this system, you'll have all the tools you need to start composing your songs-using an ancient musical system that has been lost for centuries!


My name is Tashlultum Levy. I've always had a love for the Torah and languages from ancient cultures. About a decade ago, I was fascinated by the fact that the tablets from ancient Mesopotamia (which is modern-day Iraq) were very unique-they weren't just lines of text; they were song lyrics written in cuneiform. However, each letter represented a symbol similar to our sheet music. However, each note expressed a different idea. After translating them, I developed Sozo Keys-a series of healing tones based on the Arkadian Calendar from Africa, which had 20 periods with 13 days each for 260 days. These rhythms are designed to affect your body in different ways. Like the Pythagorean theorem system, Their system was "knowledge of everything"-math, geometry, astrology, and more!

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