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A Castle In the Stars: A Peace Seekers story, Vol. 1
Paperback - English

Gage and Roena Prescott are a couple that are literally from two different worlds. Gage is from earth. Roena is a purple-skinned woman from Lunitin with telepathic powers. Although very much in love, their marriage is a dangerous one. Earth and Lunitin have been at war for centuries. Knowing that their marriage has gotten them branded as traitors by both their worlds, Gage and Roena flee to the neutral system of Braxitar, a place where the war is not allowed and those fleeing the war may seek refuge. Enjoying their honeymoon and making plans for their future in the Braxitar sector, Gage and Roena believe they are safe. But their illusions are shattered when a ruthless bounty hunter named Tripar arrives to take them back for trial and execution. Gage and Roena flee, hoping to lose themselves in the crowd on board the space station until security can capture Tripar. But the bounty hunter proves more resourceful than they could have imagined. As Tripar closes in on them, they are left to wonder if even a place where war is outlawed is safe from the war.

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