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The World According to Porkchop: AKA Kevin Moore
Paperback - English

The wild tales, true stories, outright lies, and opinions in this book are the wild tales, true stories, outright lies, and opinions of Porkchop, aka Kevin Moore. Neither the editor nor publisher assumes any responsibility for anyone he may piss off. He has thankfully refrained from giving medical advice. I haven't got the slightest idea when or where I met Pork Chop, AKA Kevin Moore. Probably at a biker gathering, or the Rutherford County Moose Lodge, or some other place where we were both present in the interest of having fun. He's a single father who would do anything for his daughters, a good son who takes his momma on long motorcycle rides, and never misses a chance to go fishing with his daddy, a self-employed car dealer known for dealing fairly with people, and a good friend to many. We became Facebook friends years ago, and since that time, he has made me laugh every day, including when I was going through some hard times in my life. He sometimes uses his self-deprecation and humor to share a few life lessons and words of wisdom, on family, women, and a few other choice subjects.Since there are still a few uninformed people in the world who aren't on Facebook, I persuaded him to let me put this little book together, so Moore folks can get to know The World According to Porkchop. Complaints and comments about this book may be posted on Porkchop's FB page at https: //, if and only if he accepts your friend request. Marriage proposals and propositions for meaningful overnight relationships will also be considered. Laura Allen, Edito

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