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By Pang, Hui        
Hardcover - Chinese




The Chinese classic Dream of the Red Chamber is a collection of Chinese culture. It incorporates Chinese people's philosophical cognition, historical experience, ethical order, aesthetic tendency and worldly wisdom accumulated in thousands of years. The book alone shapes lifelike literary characters of more than 400, roughly equivalent to the total number of characters created by Shakespeare in his dramas. The Dream of the Red Chamber is well-deserved classic of the world culture and the world literature.

The Dream of the Red Chamber came into birth more than two hundred years ago, and redology more than one hundred years ago. All the time, paintings created by Qing scholars on the Dream of the Red Chamber are little known to the society and the academic circle for historical changes, private collection, scattered distribution and many other reasons. Such paintings can only be seen once in a while. That is why the Dream enthusiasts and researchers have been yearning for intensively appreciating paintings, especially color paintings, themed on the Dream created by Qing scholars.

Today, Mr. Pang Hui, with deep affection for traditional Chinese culture, plans to publish the related calligraphy, paintings and research articles in a book called "Selected Dreams of the Red Chamber-- A Collection of Ancient Calligraphy and Paintings on the Dream of the Red Chamber". The new book fills in the blank of unofficial Dream related picture books in China, America and even the whole world. The ancient paintings in this book are made public for the first time. Each of them is a treasure. They will bring data of great historical significance to vast redology researchers and enthusiasts and provide abundant real materials for experts, scholars and lovers of Oriental paintings all over the world.

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