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Mastering Coffee: Awaken the Barista Within You and Make Exotic Coffee Drinks at Home
Paperback - English

Coffee has been one of humanity's most favoured drinks for centuries now. It was the Boston Tea Party in 1773 that really kicked off America's love for coffee, and coffee has remained the national drink ever since.Today, It is hard to take a stroll through a city in America, or anywhere else in the world without coming across a coffee shop. Most of these coffee shops sell more than just standard coffee drinks. Most people who enter these shops, are also almost never interested in the standard coffee cup. Most of the customers of these shops seek exotic versions of the standard coffee drinks. These exotic versions have exotic names such as- Cappuccino Royale, Espresso con Panna, Mochaccino, Latte Macchiato, etc. The list is endless. You will find lots of coffee shops with coffee drinks you've never even heard of, and recipes and blends of coffee you've never even tasted.Just like any other ingredient, you can a lot with coffee. It is up to your imagination really, but in order to awaken your imagination, you will do well to learn what others have come up with before you, and that is what this book is for. There are plenty of well-known insanely delicious exotic and gourmet coffee drinks that already exist, and in this book, I will teach you everything you need to know to start making these recipes right at home

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