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War Pigeon! The Operations and Gear of the US Army Pigeon Corps
Paperback - English

The US Army Signal Pigeon Corps served from 1917-1957. During those four decades of distinguished service, the pigeoneers built a world class program that provided the Army reliable communications during WWI, WWII and the Korean War. Little is known about this important program that contributed so much to the Army efforts around the globe. The organization and gear are explored in detail in this unique study. Long forgotten photos from the National Archives and Signal Corps are seen for the first time in decades. The operations of the Signal Pigeon Company in WWII are detailed extensively. Nearly all of the Army pigeon gear is shown in this book. The operations of the Pigeon Corps during the Korean War and Cold War era are also documented. The US Army created 12 Signal Pigeon Companies during WWII with over 50,000 pigeons in their lofts. They served in the United States, Africa, Europe and Asia. Their winged messengers delivered 95% of their messages at speeds as high as 100 miles per hour. Many lives were saved as pigeons "got the message through." This amazing story needs to be told and understood.

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