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The Magus: A Complete System of Occult Philosophy, Alchemy and Magic Lore in Three Books (Hardcover)
Hardcover - English

All three books of Francis Barrett's superb compendium of occult thought are presented in this single volume, complete with the original charts and illustrations. Commencing with Magic, we are offered a comprehensive accounts of its capabilities and the tools needed for its use. Natural magic is defined, as are the many philters and potions which may be created and imbued with its essence. Various historical examples of magicians who had, for good or ill, gained public notice for their practices are given. The later chapters meanwhile concern the properties of magical stones such as the legendary Philosophers Stone, and the arcane arts of combining creatures of nature, and the sometimes monstrous results. The Magus itself is termed the Celestial Intelligencer; beginning with a basic account of the four elements, we traverse each in more detail before delving into the more esoteric practices. The symbolism of numbers and of the astronomical bodies of the heavens are detailed, sometimes with charts.

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Barrett, Francis
Little is known of Francis Barrett's life and magical interests, although he is reputed to have been connected with Edward Bulwer-Lytton, himself an initiate and occultist. As an explorer of the physical sciences, he made several unsuccessful attempts at balloon flight. His one lasting work, The Magus, will keep his name alive and associated with the history of magic for as long as books on the subject are published with bibliographies.

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