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The Power of Coincidence: The Mysterious Role of Synchronicity in Shaping Our Lives
Paperback - English

A first-class book for anyone who wants to widen horizons and deepen self-discovery! - Dr Suzanne V. Brown, editor of The Synchronicity Connection

A valuable guide book that... leads us, step by step, into communication with our deeper subconscious nature and nudges open the gate to our inner self. - Dale Graff

Frank Joseph boldly and eloquently connects us to a larger world. - Thomas Ropp

We have all experienced inexplicable coincidences, whether it's a particular number cropping up again and again, or thinking about an old friend only for them to call us the next second. While individually these coincidences may seem trivial, when seen in the bigger picture of their role in our lives they can assume startling magnitudes of meaning.

The Power of Coincidence
reveals that such events are not random, but crucial pieces in the puzzle of our lives. Author Frank Joseph shows us how to recognize instances of meaningful coincidence (or 'synchronicity' as it was called by Jung) and the guidance they offer in finding our true path in life.

Frank Joseph provides practical ways to identify and decode significant coincidences. By offering hundreds of compelling examples, he leads us, step by step, into communication with our deeper subconscious nature and nudges open the gate to our inner self - to the domain of synchronicity.

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