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The Essential Body & Spirit Collection: Tarot, Crystals, Auras
Hardcover - English

This delightful 3-volume box set brings together essential guides to spiritual healing practices, Tarot by Alice Ekrek, Crystals by Emily Anderson and Auras by Hamraz Ahsan.

Illustrated in full-color, these titles explore the history of these practices and how to bring them into your daily life, including relationships, career and spiritual development. Useful exercises, charts and diagrams are dotted throughout, making these books wonderful reference guides to keep coming back to.

Tarot is a clear and accessible guide to the tarot card reading, revealing the history and meanings of the cards and explaining how to perform readings with helpful illustrations. Crystals introduces an array of crystals and their practical uses. Whether you wish to restore emotional balance, boost creativity or manifest desires, this is the ideal book to get you started on your journey with these sparkling energy allies. In Auras you can discover how to see, interpret, cleanse and strengthen auras, complete with meditations and exercises.

Presented in a delightful hard-shell boxset, they make a wonderful gift for anyone wishing to improve their lives through spiritual healing.

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About Author

Ekrek, Alice
Writer and astrologer Alice Ekrek is the secretary of the Sophia Committee, a body that supports the study of astrology in higher education. She is heavily involved in the astrological community and has studied the subject for over 15 years. She has served on the Astrological Association Council for 7 years, and guest edited a number of academic texts and astrological publications. She lives in Somerset, England.

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