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The Vest or The Veil: An unapologetic apology for the offensive claims of Jesus Christ
Paperback - English

Scientists write about science, theologians write about God, and the twain seldom meet. In contrast, "The Vest or The Veil" is a book written from both perspectives. In this book the meaning behind the seven great "I Am" statements of Jesus Christ recorded in John's Gospel is explored and evaluated in terms of what these well-known and somewhat disturbing words mean for us today. The author is a professional biomedical scientist, and also a student of theology. This combination makes the analysis of Jesus' words unique and interesting. In addition, most chapters begin with a mini-narrative story about a person who encountered Jesus Christ and had their life changed forever. The title is derived from the choice each person must make concerning Jesus Christ: In accordance with the ancient custom will we rip our vest in defiance of the offensive words of Christ, or will we allow him to split the veil of separation that exists between us and our God?

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22.91cm x 15.19cm x 1.75cm
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About Author

White, Richard E.
Richard E. White is a research entomologist at the United States National Museum in Washington and the author of articles and research papers chiefly in his special field of beetles. As an artist he is most experienced in portraying insects, but he also illustrates general biological subjects.

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