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Metaphysical Anatomy: Your body is talking, are you listening?
Paperback - English

VOLUME 1Watch the Metaphysical Anatomy Book Video Trailer Now and See What's INSIDE the Book & see the Table of Contents

In this 1.5 KG, 7 x 10 inches, 722 page book AND 679 medical conditions you will:

Understand causes of emotional, mental and physical ailments that stem from your ancestry, conception, birth and childhood.

If you are an alternative practitioner you will quickly sharpen your skills, learn more powerful approaches

Under each disease you will find emotional components and accurate key points guiding you to effective alternative ways to heal and how to find core issues.

In Metaphysical Anatomy I wrote about diseases from A to Z, the emotional components related to those diseases as well as key points as to how to approach the condition with the intention to improve ones quality of life. Metaphysical Anatomy includes step-by-step guide for identifying the psychosomatic pattern related to medical conditions. These conditions can be activated by circumstances in your present life, your ancestry, conception, womb, birth trauma, childhood or adult life. It builds on existing work from many famous authors, making it much more practical, more specific, detailed and ultimately much more effective This book is equally valuable for experienced alternative practitioners and those interested in self-healing. You will love this book and the Healing Technique MAP.

So you think you understand the language of your body? Think again

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25.40cm x 17.78cm x 4.57cm
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NA to NA
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About Author

Rose, Evette
Evette Rose is an author, Life Coach and Trauma Release Practitioner and strives to support people in their healing journeys. She is also the co-founder of a personal development company called Inner Beauty States ( After experiencing a traumatic and abusive childhood, she dedicated her life to developing painless ways to heal this trauma. Through her research she was able to heal her past and has used her gifts to help many others. Evette grew up in Namibia and after working in South Africa and Australia, now she's traveling the world teaching personal development workshop

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