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The Symbol of No Escape: A South African Story
Hardcover - English

South Africa needs no introduction to the global narratives of violence and crimes against women and children. With reported sexual offences exceeding 60 000 and incidents of murder totalling 17 805 for the 2014/2015 period, our country's notoriety in this arena contributes to the landscape within which 'The Symbol of No Escape' plays out. As forensic thriller 'The Symbol of No Escape' is an emergent property of qualities that not too many authors are able to harness. These include Dr Tanya Robinson's practical experience and extensive work with the abused child, her knowledge in forensic psychopathology and her laudable scholarly credentials that underpins each page with legitimacy whilst powerfully infusing the characters of protagonist Dr Claire and villain Dann Carmen. The reader is systematically drawn in and absorbed in the lifeworld of Dr Claire, a profiler and expert assessor who is tasked to create a profile that would help close the case against depraved child serial murderer and family killer, Dann Carmen. His crimes are brutal and bizarre, yet Dr Claire's assertion that "Dann instils no fear in me" paves the way for explicating her goal which is to establish what contributed to him becoming a monster (Marcel Van der Watt, University of South Africa, Department of Police Practice).

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Robinson, Tanya
As you will observe from my introduction to the book I, primarily for the protection of others, have chosen to remain incognito. I really do not wish that any of my relatives or acquaintances should be embarrassed or upset by the true facts I have related. It was difficult for me to write this autobiography as it brought to the fore all those awful experiences I underwent as well as my exceedingly sad memories. Nevertheless, I considered my ancestors and my own tale should be told rather than left to die with me as the last surviving member of this branch of the family and the only one who rec

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