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How to Speak Dog: Dog Training Simplified for Dog Owners
Paperback - English

Problem Dog? You Can't Train Your Dog If You Don't Speak Dog Amy Morford is a dog whisperer. She's been training dogs for more than two decades and understands what makes your dog tick. How to Speak Dog provides a general overview of dog behavior before specifically focusing in on training solutions for six of the most common dog misbehaviors: aggression, digging, nuisance barking, fear biting, submissive urination, and separation anxiety. Morford understands that not everyone understands "dog talk" so she kicks off by introducing basic obedience training methods. She explains each training situation by breaking it down into chronological micro-steps. How to Speak Dog is as close as one gets to hiring a dog trainer without actually hiring one. Morford has made the process as simple as possible, with six chapters written in "plain English" to eliminate ambiguity, so the training process is easy and less stressful for both the teacher and the student. In addition to covering basic training and the elimination of problem behavior patterns, Morford also discusses clicker training, crate training methods, and the use of positive reinforcement. If you've been struggling to resolve problem dog behaviors or just adopted a new dog and want to be sure that your new household member is well-behaved and well-trained, you've got to learn "dog talk." This "how-to" dog training guide will ease the way to optimum communication with your canine best friend. Details About This Book- Instructs dog owners on how to resolve the most common "problem" behaviors- Includes step-by-step basic dog training tips. - Provides in-depth analysis of a variety of common training methods- Includes a chapter especially tailored to training specific dog breeds - Written by an experienced dog trainer with more than 25 years of experience working with all types of dogs. Order Your Copy Today

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