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The Aura
Hardcover - English

Life, in general, continually changes. The aura energy field of light which surrounds every living human body is also changing. Currently, the dense 3rd dimensional aura field of light is being replaced with a new 5th dimensional light frequency. As our planet continues to ascend and accept the 5th dimensional frequency and light within her aura field, many individuals seeking enlightenment will experience an energy shift as their personal aura also accepts the higher light. This shift allows the potential for transformational change to occur, not only to our global planet, but also in one's personal life. In transformation, old density threads are unwoven and are moved out of the dense aura energy field both at a global earth level, and also at the personal human level. This allows negative imprints, blocks, and emotional drama that were once stuck in density, access to the higher energy frequency. Although the potential to repeat old issues is ever present in any energy field, old imprints cannot anchor correctly in 5th dimensional light which lessens their importance as well as their ability to stabilize. Once old density issues are destabilized, they become easy to process, transition, and remove from the aura energy field. For many individuals, this can feel like heaven on earth. This book presents information that defines and explains the aura field of light that surrounds the human body. When working to transition the density of a 3rd dimensional energy aura into a 5th dimensional frequency of light, this information is necessary to know and understand. As energy shifts and transitions occur, insight is gained about blocks, issues, and negativity that have been present in density. This insight triggers transformational clearing within the aura allowing one to experience wellness and empowered living.

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