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How to Draw Butterflies: Drawing Activity for the Whole Family
Paperback - English

This drawing book will teach you how to draw butterflies step by step. if you or your kids want to learn how to draw butterfly, this book is a great way to start learning how to draw different kinds of cute butterflies in few simple steps. The drawings are easy to follow and anyone can do it and have lots of fun. This series of drawing books is the best way to spend some quality time with your family. In this book the best selling author and illustrator Amit Offir will teach you how you can draw step by step all kinds of butterflies so you can know how to draw them yourselves easily. In each page you will find a different kind of butterfly that you could draw easily if you just follow the simple steps. Amit Offir is teaching kids and adults all over the world how to draw comics using his unique technique for drawing comics figures and elements and in this book he made it really easy to draw all kinds of butterflies step by step specially for kids and adults that dont know how to draw or beginners.

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27.99cm x 21.59cm x 0.20cm
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NA to NA
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About Author

Offir, Amit
Amit Offir ia a renowned illustrator, author and comics artist.

Offir, Amit
Amit Offir ia a renowned illustrator, author and comics artist.

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