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Manifest Destiny: 'Bridges are built from both sides - Their half of the bridge has been ready for a million years'
By Byrne, John        
Paperback - English

This volume of my story covers the events of 26th June 2004. The previous 24 hours had been a real roller-coaster ride which had taken me to every emotional extreme but I faced the new day with a greater level of hope and optimism than I could recall ever feeling before in my life. My life had been in turmoil for weeks ever since the 'weirdness' had started but things were obviously building to a climax - Would this be the day that I would finally receive an answer to who or what was behind it all? Those messages I had received the night before seemed to suggest that it would be Without wishing to spoil the plot of the story I can confirm that I did get an answer. Boy did I get an answer In fact I got more answers than I had questions for and received answers to questions I had previously thought so unanswerable I wouldn't have wasted my time asking them The bizarre chaos that had engulfed my life during the previous weeks suddenly made perfect sense. The explanation was simple yet brilliant, profound and yet obvious, crazy yet perfectly rational - In fact it was Pure Logic

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About Author

rne, John
JOHN BYRNE is the editor in chief of "Fast Company. A longtime senior writer for "BusinessWeek, Byrne is the coauthor of the mega bestseller "Jack: Straight from the Gut. He lives in the New York City metropolitan area.

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