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The Essential Creativity of Awareness
Paperback - English

Our life's purpose, is to experience all aspects of living a life consciously, and then gaining in-depth insight into the real reasons behind our actions and interactions with others. My own personal spiritual journey has transformed my life. A life that's just an extension of who I have always been, but without the negative traits and emotions. I've had times of anguish and traumatic situations, which made me so unhappy, that I wanted out of this lifetime. But with divine intervention I was prevented from doing so. My souls quest has taken many lifetimes to complete. Accepting my life's lessons has enabled me to achieve my full potential, of all lifetimes, now living my life as it was intended. A life where dreams really do come true, but more importantly a life where I can share the infinite knowledge and wisdom others, who are also travelling their own unique journey's into the unknown achieving their souls quest. We travel many pathways searching for what we feel is missing within our lives. We look to others to fulfil our many needs, not realising that only ourselves can actually provide what we need. I believe we made an agreement before we were born. We agreed to search for the details and answers behind that agreement. We do this by travelling our unique pathways in search of the truth, being driven by the unrest of the soul. Understanding the extraordinary experiences and coincidences and the synchronicity of life. When recognised and acted upon will set us free, changing our lives forever. Connecting us to the ultimate Knowledge and Wisdom of creation, and our mystical gifts, skills and abilities, the positive attributes of the higher consciousness.

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