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Parallel Lives
Paperback - English

Our Parallel lives are about previous lifetimes that we've already had and are parallel to this lifetime. These past-lives hold the details of our life's purpose that once recognised and achieved, allows us to become our limitless potential of all lifetimes. Our parallel lives affect us in many ways; they form parts of our characters, the inherited characteristics of our personalities, unique talents, abilities and the different aspects of our genetic identification that makes us individual. The synopsis of life is in the greater understanding of all lifetimes, as we experience d j vu memories of events that happened long ago. With life's synchronicity, and the coincidences we are given the opportunity to reinstate positive attributes from all of our past lives, into this one. We have all been travelling our journeys of the soul's quest, encouraging us to become personally and spiritually aware, with the purification and cleansing of the sub-conscious and conscious mind, and also of our planet. It's about reinventing and rediscovering our authentic self, allowing each person to empower and transform their lives. We are now living in the golden Age of Aquarius, experiencing great potential and phenomenon, where we can manifest all that we desire.

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