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Oh No! It's Not Sunday, Again?
Paperback - English

With any grandmother, a love for her grandchildren and their individual personalities is something she always treasures and wants to talk about with others. Author Linda Moore chose a different approach to celebrating the unique aspects of her twelve grandchildren: she wrote poems combining the characteristics of her grandchildren with those of famous biblical gures. These personal poems epitomize her new book Oh No It's Not Sunday Again, which are poems devoted to her seven grandsons: Heyward, Jay, Jamie, Christian, John Tyler., Shawn Thomas and Conley. A secondary book of poems for her ve granddaughters is planned for future publication. Linda begins her book stating the importance of leaving a legacy of faith for one's grandchildren and how Linda and her husband Johnny enjoy their loveable personalities. Their grandsons' traits are then introduced to readers in brief paragraphs to allow Linda to also reveal what real-life men from the Bible her grandsons mirror in character. The poems articulate the essence of each boy, allowing readers to get to know them personally as the content is written in the writing style for each age of boy. As though voiced by the grandson himself, he describes why he likes the biblical gure and what he learns from the man's example. For instance, Linda chose for her oldest grandson, Heyward, the character of David, because both boys have similar interests in the outdoors, hunting and taking care of animals. They also love others, which is then illustrated in the author's poetic words. Oh No It's Not Sunday Again exempli es a grandmother's love for her children and grandchildren, wanting to encourage them in the ways of the Lord and to embody the persona of Christ in their everyday lives.

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