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Wheat Free Living - Lunch Cookbook: Wheat Free Living on the Wheat Free Diet
Paperback - English

Wheat has recently been identified as quite the instigator of trouble within the human body. From causing what is known as the "wheat belly", to intestinal damage and even skin problems, going without wheat is sounding like a better and better idea. Removing wheat can be easier said than done, because most foods in restaurants and stores serve wheat as one of the main food groups. It has been on the food pyramid for as long as I can remember So, making this shift in eating can get some funny responses from people. However, with a little planning and preparation, these recipes will change even the most outspoken critic of wheat-free eating. Each of these contains a balanced supply of nutrients for the body, providing adequate calories, fats, protein and carbohydrates. When looking at the facts, bread is not needed to keep the body in its optimum health. Enjoy experimenting with these recipes for delicious dishes and watch to see what happens with your health. Many people and researchers are finding it easier to shed extra pounds, people are feeling increased energy levels and stomach irritation is ceasing. Be sure to pay careful attention to the ingredients when you are shopping to ensure that all follow the wheat free instructions and enjoy

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