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Introducing Dora the Detective
Paperback - English

For the first time, all three books are available together and in print after appearing separately on Kindle. In The Maltese Connection, D ra, frustrated at the low murder-rate in Iceland, leaps at the opportunity to take part in a six-month job swap in Malta. Soon, she is helping her new boss, Inspector Deboneo of the Maltese CID, an original but eccentric thinker, solve the murders of two single mature female tourists. Will they be able to catch the Bugibba Strangler before the serial killer destroys the Maltese tourist industry? And has poor old Morose been left on the sidelines holding the babies? In Murder on the Moselle, ex-Inspector Morose is delighted to win a 21-night, all inclusive holiday with Valhalla River Cruises, exploring the Danube, the Rhine and the Moselle. One of the guest lecturers on board, Prof. Edwards of Newcastle University, begins to suffer panic attacks, believing he is surrounded by enemies. Half-way through the cruise, he is found drowned in the Moselle. Did he commit suicide? Was it a drunken accident or was he pushed? Can detective logic and deduction triumph over chaos and the power of the butterfly? In ICED, D ra is overjoyed to be handed a major case in her native Iceland. She decides she needs Morose's help as an undercover agent and drags him reluctantly out of retirement (he thinks she's using him as bait to enhance her career). But has she badly miscalculated? Will this be Morose's very last case? And will the twins be left fatherless?

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