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The Umbral Wake: Skyla Traveler #2
Paperback - English

The continuation of A LATENT DARK Three years after a lab accident left the city-state of Rhinewall crippled and vulnerable, its residents still recover from the cataclysm. Power is limited, food is scarce, and violent gangs of children run rampant. Scribble, a mute refugee with an extraordinary talent, struggles to fit in and survive amidst the cruelty of the gang boys in a strange city. Gil, a tinkering prodigy, searches for answers to her father's whereabouts-or if he is even alive at all. And Skyla, a girl who sees people's souls as shadows on the ground, makes an unsettling discovery: The Wilds, a stretch of non-reality between the cities, is spreading. Further north, the residents of Bollingbrook have other problems: relatives long dead are appearing out of the shadows, asking unspeakable deeds of the living. As the Wilds encroach on the city, Skyla travels there to investigate. But in doing so, Skyla risks exposing herself to old enemies who may be more interested in revenge than in heeding her warnings. Bollingbrook has changed, and what was once home may now be a trap.

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21.59cm x 13.97cm x 1.88cm
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NA to NA
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About Author

Johnson, Daniel
Daniel Johnson is a professional photographer who specializes in imagery of farm life. He is the author of the "4-H Guide to Digital Photography" and the coauthor of "The Field Guide to Horses". He lives on a family-owned horse farm in Phelps, Wisconsin, called Fox Hill Farm (

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