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I am Zeus
By Bains, Gs        
Paperback - English

The mysterious Japanese Akita Dog is renowned for its confidence, loyalty, strength, awareness, affection and its supreme courage to never take a backwards step regardless of the situation. They can be volatile and difficult to train, but the secret of the breed lies within the understanding that comes with that unbreakable alliance. The Japanese Akita is no ordinary breed of dog as many have found... It is said that we are rarely graced by that unique spirit that somehow finds us. If we are lucky enough to come across it, the overwhelming presence never fades. Only once in a generation does it pass through and when it finally leaves, only the heartache remains behind. This book is about the irreplaceable friendship that existed between Zeus and I. From the small adorable puppy to the dominant full grown male, never before had such an amazing animal captured my heart so completely. As all owners understand only too well, there will come that sad day where we must bid a tearful farewell to our beloved. My heart has remained broken since the day he left, but what if that is not the end? Sometimes death does not mean goodbye... Originally this book was only for my children, so that in years to come they would understand why we have a huge canvas hanging on the living room wall of Zeus. But after some careful consideration, this book was written to be so much more. Every single penny made shall be donated to the Japanese Akita Welfare Trust (UK). A non-profit organisation that works to help as many Japanese Akita's as possible, providing help and assistance, as well as housing for those that do not have a home of their own. In the memory of our Zeus, we aim to help as many other of his kind as possible. GS Bains. The foreword for this book was kindly written by Donna Haley (JAWT)

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