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Know the Personality of Your Child: Using the Science of Numbers (Numerology)
Paperback - English

We all want to understand the personalities of our children so that we may raise them to be productive and happy adults. In this simple reference guide, an experienced numerologist shares principles based on the science of numbers that lead parents, guardians, grandparents, and teachers through a fascinating process that reveals amazing accuracy in gauging personality traits.

Neil Koelmeyer, who has vast experience conducting personal consultations and writing personality assessments, focuses on the three areas of influence most likely to provide an accurate personality portrayal: the child's birth day, birth month, and given name. While concentrating on answering the many questions parents may have about their child's temperament and future path in life, Neil guides others through the positive and negative aspects of each number and month, the importance of a child's name, common features that children sometimes share, and vibrations associated with numbers. Included is a helpful table that converts names into numbers as well as a list of conditions that may interfere with the accuracy of a personality assessment.

Know the Personality of Your Child utilizes numerology principles to educate anyone involved in the upbringing of children to understand how birth dates, birth months, and given names help create the unique traits in each of us.

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About Author

Koelmeyer, Neil
Intrigued by the mathematics of the universe and the incredible insights numerology offers, Neil Koelmeyer has studied the subject in depth for nearly forty years. His vast knowledge in the field stems from his numerological practice on an individual basis and his observations of public figures and how their performance corresponds to their name and birth date. Koelmeyer also offers classes in numerology and has spoken at numerous seminars.

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