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The Legend of Billy and The Magic Stick: Fairy Tale
Paperback - English

This story is about a young boy with a pure heart who was chosen by an old man - The Guardian of The Magic Stick - to destroy a huge ugly giant that was terrorizing the local village in the valley of Santar. Farmer John awoke one morning to find some of his goats and sheep missing. Farmer John noticed huge foot prints and an awful smell filled the air. As Farmer John searched for his missing animals he soon discovered others were missing animals as well, and some reported that they could feel the ground shake and the smell was very unpleasant. Then Farmer John realized the legend that he had heard about as a young boy was true, and now the giant was in the valley of Santar. Farmer John called a meeting and all of the village people showed up. That is where the story of Billy and The Magic Stick begins. As Farmer John spoke about what had happen and about the legend he heard as a small boy, the towns people shouted, "What legend?" At that moment a voice came from the back of the crowd. Everyone turned to see who was speaking, and there stood an old man with long silver hair and a beard to match. In his hand was a strange looking stick, he had appeared like magic. The old man begin to speak, "The legend is true, and the giant will take more than your animals, he will take your children as slaves, and force them to dig for silver and gold. We must stop the giant before it is too late. I have been sent to find the one who can destroy the giant. He must have a pure heart." The old man raised his strange looking stick and pointed it toward the mountain where the giant lives, the stick starts to shake and move in his hand. Then The Magic Stick stopped pointing a bright beam of light straight at Billy Harper. "Billy, you are the chosen one " and the old man laid The Magic Stick in Billy's hands. "You were chosen for your pure heart and your kindness to other people and the wild animals. You can only use The Magic Stick to help others and protect the wild animals of the forest". The people were stunned that The Magic Stick had chosen such a small boy to destroy the giant. They quickly turned to ask the old man - why, but he was gone. Just like magic, he had disappeared. From here the story reveals the power of The Magic Stick and the journey that Billy must take. The Magic Stick will protect Billy and provide all his needs. Magic characters will appear in Billy's journey, to assist him in defeating the giant. The story is action packed from start to finish and has already proven to hold young and old alike, spellbound.

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27.99cm x 21.59cm x 0.36cm
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NA to NA
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About Author

Johnson, Jerry
Jerry Johnson has been teaching in the area of social work for nine years. His areas of specialty include, international social work and community development (Eastern and Central Europe), cross cultural adjustment, community practice, qualitative research and evaluation, and substance abuse. Jerry was awarded the Fulbright Scholarship in 1998-1999 and his international work includes community development in Yeravan, Armenia and Tirana, Albania.

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