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There's No Such Thing as a Seller's Market: How the Home Buyer Can Take Control of the Buying Process in Any Economy
Paperback - English

There's NO Such Thing As A Seller's Market is a unique home buying book because it EMPOWERS the home buyer in a way no other book ever has. It challenges t with he belief in both the Seller's and the Buyer's market. Economics experts and Real Estate professionals will howl like banshees at this simple truth that transfers control of the home buying market to the buyer - where it belongs.Here's a simple challenge to anyone who believes There's NO Such Thing As A Seller's Market is wrong: prove it Combining the simple truth that There's NO Sucah Thing As A Seller's Market with solid, generations old home buying techniques allows the home buyer to skillfully control the home buying process and achieve the American Dream of owning a home. Just as important, though, There's NO Such Thing As A Seller's Market will guide the new Home owner the steps necessary to keep their home - to hold onto the American Dream.It isn't rocket science. You don't need to be an expert. The methods talked about in . It's not reinventing the wheel here. worked for your parents and grandparents, who managed to buy homes with a lot less money than we're making now. And they managed savings too. The financial crisis of 2007 taught us that living paycheck to paycheck and home ownership equals disaster. Financial freedom can only come when you have sound money management and financial skills. When you have financial freedom you can afford to buy and KEEP your HOME.It's Time to Take a Stand It's Time to become the Master of Your Destiny It's Time to Claim Your Share of the American Dream Buy There's NO Such Thing As A Seller's Market and start claiming it now

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