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Fitness Evolution: The Personal Trainers Guide to Ultimate Profit, Success & Lifestyle in The Digital Age
Paperback - English

What is Fitness Evolution? There is a fundamental flaw in the traditional fitness business model that will keep most personal trainers struggling forever. Have you had enough of competing with the hundreds of other gyms, studios, and personal trainers in this very saturated market? Are you frustrated with the inconsistent income? How much longer do you want to work those crazy hours with no weekends or holidays? Are you tired of continually chasing clients who "forget" to pay you, or don't show up on time? Don't you hate it when a client cancels on you? Is it any wonder that over 80% of Fitness Professionals give up within two years of joining the industry? WARNING: This is not just another "How to" book written for fitness professionals on how to get more clients. Yet the strategies revealed will show you how to explode your current fitness business profits, and increase your client base exponentially like never before. If you have finally had enough of the struggle and frustrations of the fitness industry, the strategies revealed in this book will help create more freedom and profit in your fitness business than you could ever have imagined. Fitness Evolution is the Ultimate Playbook to help you take your fitness business to the next level in the Digital Age.

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