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Spirit Seeds: An introductory guide to some of life's mysteries
Paperback - English

Interested in spiritual development, awareness and the ascension experience? Want to understand more about how you tick? Take control of your life? It's time for you to step beyond the 3rd dimension! This book is a comfortable bridge to a perspective beyond our day-to-day experience. It gives you a simple and effective orientation to some of life's mysteries, and gives ways to learn about yourself, and strengthen your connection to who you really are, amidst it all. If you need a fresh perspective or some inspiration to experience deeper meaning in your life, you might enjoy this lovely little compendium of insights into the 'otherworldly' dimensions of thought beyond 3D.Your journey starts here - enjoy the ride!

Spirit Seeds is simple and useful guide to your own spirit, and helps to develop awareness to overcome life's obstacles. Author Helen Downs introduces us to a broad range of subjects that fall within the category of unexplained, 'paranormal' or 'extra-sensory', as well as exploring connections between energetic systems and our external lives. This little book makes a wonderful gift for a relative or friend you want to gently awaken. It helps to unfold and explore layers within the self.

People love to to buy these books for their loved ones as gifts that really keep on giving! (Don't go past this present for the future.) This Spiritual Guidance will put you in touch with your Higher Self and help you learn to work in simple ways, with the power of Universal Laws; more fully appreciate the gift of change. and access the power of your Inner Guidance.

The book's Foreword is written by Dr. Richard Alan Miller, Oregon USA .
Doctor Miller is an internationally recognised physicist, metaphysician, agriculturalist and author and is the 'real life' character upon whom the X Files character Fox Mulder was based.

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