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Inner Story: Understand your mind. Change your world.
Paperback - English

Written by award-winning psychologist Dr Tim O'Brien, "wholeheartedly" recommended by Sir Elton John and endorsed by Arsene Wenger, Manager of Arsenal Football Club in the English Premier League, this is a book about you. There are two stories inside your head. One is about your life. The other is controlling your life - that story is your Inner Story. It is created in your mind and controls everything that you think, feel and do. If you want to understand and change how you think, feel and behave or if you want to be more confident, successful and happier you have to know your inner story. If you want to perform better as an individual or as a team you have to know your inner story too - but how much do you know about yours? For years Tim has worked behind-the-scenes in global businesses, elite sport and with high profile public figures. Now he shares his expertise with you so that you can understand your mind and change your world. This book will also help you change the world of others.

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