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The Complete Volume on Crocheting and Knitting: Learn How to Crochet and Knit from Beginner to Advance
Paperback - English

Includes 2 Free Bonus Books If you've ever wanted to learn to crochet then Crochet for Beginners; The Complete Guide on the Basics of Crochet is the book for you. In this book you will what equipment you need as a beginner and you'll learn all about the different types of yarn used in crochet. With easy to understand step by step instructions and clear images you will learn basic crochet stitches and techniques. Links to crochet resources and videos round out this excellent beginning instruction book for crochet. Go from never picking up a crochet hook to creating your very first project with Crochet for Beginners; The Complete Guide on the Basics of Crochet. In the second volume of her series, Intermediate Crochet, Dorothy Wilks shares her knowledge and love of crochet with her readers. How to make the perfect Granny Square is covered as well as the popular Corner 2 Corner and Ripple patterns. Dorothy shares tips and tricks to getting the perfect edging, popular edging stitches, three methods for joining motifs. Each chapter has clear and concise instructions along instructional images to help you learn and perfect your crochet skills. She also shares cute and challenging patterns for you to try practice your new skills. If you are a beginner or and advanced beginner this is the book you need to take your crochet skills to the next level. In her third and final volume of her popular crochet series, Expert Crochet, Dorothy Wilks brings you expert crochet techniques to bring your crochet skills to the next level. She includes step by step instructions on how to read charts and graphs to open up a whole new world of crochet patterns. With your new skills you can now learn how to execute various color work techniques such as Intarsia, Fair Isle, and Tapestry crochet. Dorothy also helps you learn and understand Filet patterns and graphs so you can create delicate and intricate designs. Learn how to use beads to add pretty embellishments and accents to your crochet projects. Finally she gives you instructions and tips on designing your very own crochet patterns. Dorothy includes links to resources and videos to help explore crochet even further. If you are looking for a book that will take your crochet skills to expert level, Expert Crochet by Dorothy Wilks is the one for you. In her book, Learn How to Knit; Basic Knitting Techniques and Stitches for Beginners, Dorothy Wilks introduces you to the craft of knitting. Dorothy guides you from step one of learning about knitting needles and yarn to learning basic knitting stitches and techniques. You will learn: -Basic knitting equipment for beginners -All about yarn and yarn fibers -How to read and understand a written pattern -How to knit -How to purl -Basic knitting techniques a beginner should know. In her second volume of her series, Learn How to Knit Volume 2: Intermediate Knitting Techniques to Expand Your Skills, Dorothy Wilks brings you even more knowledge about knitting to help bring your knitting skills to the intermediate level. In this volume Dorothy shares the following skills: -How to Read a Knitting Chart -Introduction to Intarsia Knitting -Introduction to Fair Isle Knitting -Creating Ribbing -How to Create Cables -How to Cut Knitted Fabric Safely (The Art of Steeking) -Joining Yarn Seamlessly. In her latest book, Expert Knitting: Tips and Techniques to Bring Your Knitting Skills to the Expert Level, Dorothy Wilks brings you tips and techniques to bring your knitting to the expert level. This book is geared toward the intermediate knitter who is ready to take their skills up a notch. Dorothy covers the following topics: -Continental versus English style knitting -Short rows -Buttonholes made easy -Fearlessly crossing cables with no cable needle -Picking up stitches -Provisional cast on and its uses -Double Knitting -All about Entrelac Knitting

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