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The Numeroscope - A Complete Guide To Numbers
Paperback - English

This book enables the readers to understand the power of numbers. Numerology is the fascinating science of numbers which interprets the destiny of a person taking into account of his date of birth and numerical value of the letters of the name. Numerology with a deep understanding and classification reveals opportunities and challenges a person which has to face in his lifetime. This book blends a profound knowledge of ancient numerology with an equally profound understanding of modern numerology. Apart from the general approach, in pages of this book I have provided the clear, succinct and easily available results of the numerology. I have explained both Pythagorean and Cheiro methods and their utility in different stages. The interpretation and experiences shared in this book are partially based on my personal experiences which will help you in processing your thoughts, emotions, and fears, and understand the reasons why the life had unfolded the way it had. This book also help in understanding the Universal law and gather the missing pieces of puzzle that will help you live your best life and reach your full potential. This book presents more thorough and balanced representation of numerology. These days bookshops are stocked with books on numerology where many of them are incomplete or lack substance. However, in this book I have clearly explained Origin of numbers with its harmony to nature, Date of birth, Detail study of Numbers, Lo shu Grid and many practical calculations which give clear pattern of our life. This has made The Numeroscope a groundbreaking book of importance.

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