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McCauley's Pressure Cooker Cookbook: 145 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Recipes
Paperback - English

Has your stomach so longed for good, out of the ordinary and not-the-regular kind of food? Yes, I thought so too, because it happens to me all the time Sarah D. McCauley is a gourmet chef per excellence; she has been cooking now for well over twenty five years. She has been committed to cooking because of the passion she has for new food discoveries and quality food, and this passion has kept her going to reach and teach people through writing and sometimes in conferences and radio interviews on the importance of good and quality food and how to prepare them. Every one is a chef. The pressure cooker has fast become one of the greatest cookware of all time, finding it in most households and kitchens. The pressure cooker is every chef's treasure; the chef relies on the durability, reliability ease and speed at which the food is cooked with the pressure cooker. I have taken time to compile many pressure cooker recipes that are mouth watering and irresistible and these recipes guarantees a happy stomach and a glowing kitchen. These recipes would keep your taste buds busy, your family coming back to the table, and they would transform you to grade A Chef. This book was written by a chef with an experience that spans over two decade, a gourmet chef per excellence, driven by a passion for great food and motivated by her highly selective taste buds. She decided to help your cooking skills and help broaden your archive of irresistible and delicious recipes. These recipes are simple to read, easy to understand and they are great recipes you wouldn't find just anywhere, they were carefully handpicked for your reading, cooking and eating pleasure. this book. Enjoy as you read and cook.

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