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Victorian Times Quarterly #1
Paperback - English

Every issue of Victorian Times Quarterly is a treasure-trove of hand-picked, original Victoriana from British and American magazines of the 1800's. You'll find a wealth of ideas on decorating your home or table in the Victorian style, plus delicious recipes (perfect for hosting your own authentic Victorian tea ) and inspiring craft projects and patterns. Plus, enjoy whimsical stories and poetry, beautiful illustrations, pictorial features and rib-tickling cartoons. Taking you from the royal palace to the humble country cottage, every issue brings you a unique, first-hand look at Victorian life. Victorian Times Quarterly is your ticket to explore - and enjoy - the beautiful, elegant, and ever-changing Victorian world. In Victorian Times Quarterly #1: Victorian birthday cards and card poets - Jack the mischievous jackdaw - Motifs from Japanese embroideries - Tea, the cup that cheers - Girls of the 1850's vs. 1900 - Victorian village life - Mary's little lamb - A British lady's journey to Texas - Flowers in history (Parts 1-3) - How to make sweet pickles - Gloucester, a fierce squirrel - How to wait at table - Women soldiers - Polite answers to impertinent questions - Curious Bibles - Asnapper the brown owl - Swiss cakes - How to fold serviettes - A dog story - A mouse story - Foreign sweet dishes - The law of mistress and servant - History of the pocket handkerchief - The Princess of Wales' dogs - Deportment - American slang - Victorian recipes for apples - Curious bookplates - An "American sale" - Anchor the stag-beetle - Why to avoid personal remarks - The Victorian village shop - At the sea-side... Plus special fiction bonus by Mark Twain, and poetry, recipes, household hints and more

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Allen, Moira
Moira Allen hosts the popular Website for writers called She is the author of several books, including and The Writer's Guide to Queries, Pitches, and Proposals. A longtime instructor of freelance and creative writing, she lives in Chesapeake, VA.

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