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The 'prenticed Journeyman: Lieutenant John Richards - Spy
Paperback - English

Laurie Penman is the author of a number of clock related books and at one time lived in Totnes in a house that was literally just around the corner from the home and workshop of a well-known 18th century clockmaker William Stumbells who has been ranked as one of the most accomplished clockmakers in 18th century Britain. This tale revolves around his ex-apprentice John Richards who literally falls into a tangle of espionage on the last day of his apprenticeship and with Stumbells' encouragement is introduced into the world of naval intelligence. It was a time when French and British spies were tripping around both countries and 'clock and dagger' adventures and misadventures were rife. French agents crossed the channel on smuggling vessels and so did British agents. But they often travelled openly as gentlemen; John as fully qualified clockmaker had a good education in the science of horology and astronomy and could mix with like-minded men of the 'Enlightenment'; but much of his time was spent in the company of much more dangerous company.

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Penman, Laurie
Laurie Penman has been repairing clocks since 1972. He has authored The Clock Repairer's Handbook, Clock Design and Construction, Practical Clock Escapements, and The Carriage Clock. He lives in Sunman, Indiana.

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